FREE FALL: Power & Volume: CD


Hailing from Sweden, this quartet bring back the good old days of hard rock from the 70s and early 80s and kick ass while doing it.

“Power & Volume” starts off with some KROKUS sounding vocals and the band playing a take on THE SWEET’s “Ballroom Blitz”. “Free Fall” is the next song and it starts off with a bit of a wink to THE WHO, but the sound of the late 60s just totally works on this song with Kim Fransson’s lead vocals being nice and raspy and very strong, Mattias Bärjed’s guitar playing has nice leads, Ludwig Dahlberg on drums is playing very much in the let’s go a bit crazy, but still on this side of losing it completely, and Jan Martens’ bass playing is nice and heavy. His bass features nicely on “Midnight Vulture” and the guitar playing gets you in a mood to play air guitar along with the song, “Top Of The World” has that driving song feel to it, you know the kind, where you put it on and drive like crazy on a nice warm day. “Attila”  has a nice rubbery bass going on, the guitar playing is creative, the drumming just is something to behold, such great subtle work to heavier hitting, but so melodic, the band’s 60s vibe is strong on here almost like LED ZEPPELIN and THE WHO together on one exotic sounding track. “World Domination” keeps a similar vibe, but gets a more hard rock vibe going throughout, kind of like what THE CULT wish they could get right nowadays. The band just plays with such conviction on this album that it’s hard not to put on a song and just instantly love it. The four-piece, one-guitar lineup is the epitome of a classic heavy rock band and luckily, they have the ability to go beyond their influences and create an album that makes repeat listening mandatory. “Love Bombing” comes back to the hard rock party sound and makes you just bang your head along with them. “Damnation” is nice and heavy with an AC/DC sound that makes this a horns up, head banging classic, “Meriola Blues” has a groove right from the beginning that put a smile on my face, and “Meat” has some of the best playing on it, everyone gets a bit of the spotlight and shines on this track, one that would be great in a live setting.

Free Fall seem to have made the perfect start with this album, they’ve managed to take inspiration from their rock idols and come up with their own interpretation which isn’t a blatant rip off of anything, but holds its own. For fans of classic hard rock, there are very few bands who could hold a candle to these guys…all I can really say is WOW!

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