ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #0 – The Top Secret Story of History’s First Epic Fail!

Valiant is proud to present Archer & Armstrong #0 from the New York Times best-selling creative team of Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man) and Clayton Henry (Harbinger Wars). 

On May 8th, join Valiant’s immortal wayfarer, Armstrong, for a trek into the distant past in a special standalone tale of dinosaurs, robots, mad kings, and mortal combat that also sets the stage for “Far Faraway”,  the next great arc of A&A beginning this June in Archer & Armstrong #10. This is a tale of three warriors, Ivar, Aram and Gilad, on a quest from the city-state of Ur to the mythical Faraway to recover the Boon.

The art is fantastic in this issue with very expressive facial features and the writing has a very humorous touch which made for a very fun read. I used to read their adventures back in the 90s and they just got better than I remembered they were in this new tale. Grab a copy and take yourself away and pick up their new story arc in ARCHER & ARMSTRONG 10.






























































































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