AGAINST THE GRAIN: Surrounded By Snakes: CD


AGAINST THE GRAIN is a 4 piece band out of The Motor City that plays speed rock and fits in with bands like ZEKE, TURBONEGRO, and NASHVILLE PUSSY.  Starting in 2009, they have put out three previous releases and toured with tons of different bands across the United States.

“Raise Your Glass” is the first song and it kicks things off with a scream and the band playing their hearts out with guitar licks coming at you, slightly gruff vocals and a catchy chorus and a bit of a 70s rock groove. “Surrounded By Snakes” has a wall of sound akin to MOTORHEAD’s “Ace Of Spades”, “Get In The Van”, starts with some excellent fuzztones and has a real heavy groove right out of the 70s that gets your head shaking and your ass moving, “Outta Touch” is a nice fast punk based song that has elements of both hardcore and MOTORHEAD, “Don’t Care What You Say” has the makings of a song that would be in the top ten on the radio, if radio was any good that is, with its sing a long chorus and energy to spare. As these guys progress, they just get better and better, with more hooks, energy, enthusiasm, and playing. Chris Nowak on bass and vocals, Nick Bellomo on guitar, Rob Nowak on drums and vocals, and Kyle Davis on guitar and vocals take their brand of punk influenced rock and make you want to have them as your favorite band, their ability to write song after song that fills you with energy and gets you rocking out like you haven’t been rocked in years. “Comin’ Home”, “Livin’ A Lie”, and “Padded Cell” were other high lights on this album.

With the blazing leads and rhythmic playing from the guitar, the not too gruff vocals, the thick and groove-a-licious bass mixed with the thundering drums, this was a fantastic release. Grab a copy, open up your favorite cheap beer, put on your trucker hat, and crank this baby up, good times abound!

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