Rash Decision / 2 Sick Monkeys - Less Is More... More Or Less - CD

A split CD with two bands, RASH DECISION from Falmouth, Cornwall, England and 2 SICK MONKEYS from Swindon, England who have different styles, but that’s o.k. because variety can spice things up.

RASH DECISION are the first ones up with eight short blasts of a mix of punk, thrash, hardcore, and metal. Dave Decision is lead vocalist and guitarist, James ‘Perky’ Perkins is the bassist and does & backing vocals, Simon J. Sky on guitar and backing vocals, and Tom Candy on drums. They start their side off with “Philthy’s Mattress”, that kicks off with some feedback, guitar playing and then the band comes in with both barrels blazing bullets at you. The bass guitar and drumming are highlights of this song as well as the crazed screamed vocals which made for a super catchy song. “Captain Tom” takes the vocals and makes them even more out of control and the band seems to step up their assault a notch, “Staines” is a blitzkrieg on your senses with the band barely keeping it together to the end of the song, “Learning Things About The World (Part 2) is fourteen seconds of mayhem. This band is just unbelievable, tight unstoppable and just about the best band at this chaotic mess that I’ve heard in a long time. “Metro” has the metallic onslaught continuing, “Bring Out Your Dead”, has Decision’s voice just tearing chunks out of his throat while the band plays a mix of thrash and punk behind him, “Seagull” is a thrash attack that gets your head banging so hard that you’re afraid that it might tear off, and finally, if you make it through the bombastic earlier tracks, is the final song, “Temporary Worker (Clause 4.1)” that has an announcer talking through it in the background, but is just as mental as all the other tracks and ends their part of the CD off with a high.

Here come 2 SICK MONKEYS with thirteen tracks of punk rock from members Fred Nus on drums and vocals and Pete Tower on bass and vocals. “Sayonara” is their first song and it’s a gruff vocalized, punk rock song that will have you up out of your chair and dancing around your living room before you know it and it has more Oi!’s in this song than on a skinhead album. “Bruce Brenda David Death” has a great bass intro then straight away into another catchy song with that great bass being in the forefront on a good part of the song, “Had Enough” is a great short song about getting away from everything, “Blurrr!! (Parts 1 & 2)” is basically an instrumental with the exception of yelling “Blurrr!!” every once in a while and has a bit of a surf sound, and “Number One Retard” is a super short song about being an idiot. For only two guys, this is so full sounding and full of energy that you would think that an entire band is playing on these songs. The songs are goofy and fun, just what you need after a day at work, something to put a smile on your face and something that when your friends come over, a CD with songs to get them jumping around too. Some of the other songs that got me going were, “Bullshitter”, “I Don’t Wanna Be Me”, “No Brakes”, and “I Love Booze”.

Even though you would think that these bands don’t go together, this was a great split single that I know will get played a lot. More or less, less isn’t more because now you’ve made me fans of both bands and now I need to get more!

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POWER IS POISON: Apathetic Generation: CD

This punk, anarcho, crust, hardcore band has released a CD with twenty-five tracks, one being a cover of RUDIMENTARY PENI’s “Extreme Noise Peni”. This contains all of their singles and some unreleased songs to get you thinking about the world beyond your front yard.

“War On Freedom” is the lead off track and it comes at you like a hurricane, all power and pushes you over and drags you around. Fast hardcore with frenetic drumming and blurred guitar playing. “Anti Facist” is thicker sounding with fat bass and hard and fast guitar playing, drumming that is bashing away at the kit and great gang vocals, “Smash Things Up” is a dense crust song that has the band barely able to contain their fury, “Modern Day Concentration Camp” is some blazing hardcore that has dual vocals and lots of guitar breaks that get you wondering how they got that much  technical work done in such a short time. As you listen to the CD, you get the sense of the power that all of the band members had on these tracks, J. Jobby on guitar and vocals, Rene Riot on vocals, Kwintin on drums, Gradus on bass, Den on drums and Lex on bass. They don’t mince words on these songs, they have strong political ideas and they aren’t shy about giving up their opinion to you on here. All of the members of this band are strong players who have added their own touches and have made the band tighter and stronger as time went on. Some other songs on this CD that I rocked out to were, “Hunger Hate & War”, “Strontfront”, “Ram The Bastards”, “Raging Racist Rita”, “War On The System”, and so many more.

This was one of the best hardcore, anarcho, crust, punk CDs that I have heard in a long time! Only bands from Europe seem to do this kind of music justice, but I guess with the bullshit politics and long history of these kinds of bands, they just have a better handle on it. You could easily slot this into a mix of bands from the early 80s when the U.K. had a ton of these bands going, and they would stand out.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/POWER-IS-POISON/121894131162037  http://powerispoison.bigcartel.com/  https://www.facebook.com/pumpkinrecordsuk  http://www.pumpkinrecords.co.uk/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frantic-Slaughter-Records-and-Distro/110563129030440  https://www.facebook.com/Righteousangerrecords  http://www.righteousangerrecords.net/


This pop punk band really impressed me with this EP, it had the quick paced songs, but it also ended with “Awake”, a stripped down acoustic love song that wasn’t sappy or overwrought, just a lovely song.

The band has five other songs of well produced pop punk that rocked out pretty good, without being wimpy or generic, they have a lot more personality in their music than a lot of bands doing this kind of punk. The band seemed to write songs that are very anthemic and have a bit of bombast to them, like they are writing for stadiums, not clubs, I like their way of forward thinking. The band can really play, some nice guitar work, clever lyrics, really well done drumming and bass, it all worked out well on this EP. My favorite songs were “Back To Sleep”, “Drama Queen” and “New Girlfriend” which kind of reminded me of “Stacy’s Mom” from FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE.

A lot of pop punk bands just ape everyone else, but these guys really went out and created something fresh and exciting that will be one of those albums that I will come back to again and again.

https://www.facebook.com/FourthQuarterComeback  http://fourthquartercomeback.com/  http://fourthquartercomeback.bandcamp.com/

THE INVOLUNTARYS: I’d Rather Be A Faggot Than A Christian: CD

This is one really good punk album with goofy and even political lyrics like the title to the album, decrying the way the Christians knock down gay people and don’t want to give them any rights.

If some words offend you, then why do you listen to punk, because these guys need to get the idea of gays being crapped on out there. The album has a lot more depth than at first glance and it has great playing, with some awesome fast punk rock that just grabs you and starts to make you dance and jump around. They have a bit of a QUEERS feel to them, back when they were more punk than pop. The band has some nice buzz saw guitar work, bouncing bass, some hard-hitting drums and great vocals, that are clean and clear to hear the great lyrics, as well as the gang vocals that make you want to sing along with the band. This has a ton of melody and is catchy as hell, but is still some fast-moving music, that isn’t wimpy or limp at all, but has a lot of power and I still can’t believe how good the production is either, they left a bit of the grittiness on the songs to add to the serious lyrics that are mixed in with some goofy stuff.

This is totally recommended, go out and buy this one!

https://www.facebook.com/theinvoluntarysindy  http://www.theinvoluntarys.com/fr_home.cfm  https://www.facebook.com/fmrecordings  http://fmrecords.bandcamp.com/

DROOGIEZ: Struggle For Existence: CD

Here comes DROOGIEZ newest which comes two years after their solid debut album Glorious Days. They give us ten songs in around thirty minutes and bring the spirit of punk rock from the late 70s to the early 80s back for another listen.

The instrumental intro song is short, but gives you a quick dose of the punk that is coming at you on the second song, “Struggle For Existence” has a bit of Joe Strummer in the voice and has a definite CLASH feel to the song with the guitar playing and background singing, it could fit on the first CLASH album. “Cut The Crap”, which is the title of the last studio album by the CLASH, could have done with a song this good on that album, with the great lyrics, and the chorus that gets stuck in your head, “Addicted” has you thinking that you’re listening to a long-lost track from the early days of punk, it’s almost magical how they can turn me into a kid again with their skill at keeping the faith alive. “Too Young” has great bouncing bass, guitar licks that are tastefully placed in the song, drumming that’s just heavy enough, and great vocals that are a bit rough sounding. This trio, Tom on drums, Lars on bass on vocals and Arne on guitar and vocals really have the original punk sound down on this release, even more so than on their first album and it actually sounds fresh, not tired because they inject the songs with energy and excitement that other bands can’t get close to. I really liked these songs as well, “Footprint”, “Liar”, and “Respect Yourself”.

DROOGIEZ really went out and did an incredible job of making an album that you would swear was for the glory days of punk, with the clean sounding vocals, the well written lyrics and the marvellous playing. The CLASH were a band that really seemed to be acknowledged on this release with touches of their sound all over, but it wasn’t as if DROOGIEZ were aping their sound, but showing “The Only Band That Matters” some respect. Awesome job boys!

https://www.facebook.com/Droogiez  http://www.droogiez.de/  http://www.contra-net.com/  https://www.facebook.com/contrapunkrecords


This is Travis Stever, the guitarist from COHEED & CAMBRIA’s solo project and their sophomore album using the name DAVENPORT CABINET, they were previously known as THE ENGLISH PANTHER, but changed their name after The Davenport Brothers, a pair of 19th-century magicians whose famous illusion involved a large cabinet filled with instruments which seemed to play themselves.

Starting the album was the instrumental “Night Climb” which was a very gentle way to begin the album, “Sister Servent” was captivating with the guitar playing and the drumming, “Black Dirt Burden” had a nice rock sound that grabbed me and “Our Machine” was a fun acoustic song that had great banjo playing on it. These were just a few of the songs that grabbed me on this album. This album goes from gentle folk to some all out rockin’ tunes and takes you along for the exciting ride. There is a lot of emotion in the song lyrics and the playing that really drew me into the album and keeps my interest all the way through to the end. The heartfelt singing and the playing just took me away to a different place and the dreaminess just washed over me and made this an album that left a very good feeling in me.

With the acoustic and the electric songs on here, it was a very diverse and enjoyable album. Go out and grab it and let it take you away from the mundane, everyday existence.


FOXFIRES: The Golden Age: 7″

Founded in 2010, the members of FOXFIRES have been in a variety of bands over the years, including MOUNTAIN MAN, FOUR YEAR STRONG, and LAST LIGHTS, and their years of playing really show up on this EP.

The eight songs, six on the vinyl and two bonuses on the download card, kick some serious ass. With all eight songs just around thirteen and a half minutes long, they get right down to work with some nice hardcore that doesn’t have that tough guy sound or feel, just some nice raging, angsty hardcore that hits the spot. The playing is tight, with the band hitting the ground running and going nonstop, the singing is just raw enough to add some grit to the band and the whole EP just made me want to play it over again.

These guys really show a ton of potential to become your favorite hardcore band, just get it and let the power of this band take over your stereo and go crazy.

https://www.facebook.com/foxfiresma  http://foxfires.bandcamp.com/  https://www.facebook.com/escapistrecords  http://www.escapist-records.com/  http://escapistrecords.bandcamp.com/