DYST: Judges And Butchers: CD

DYST are five guys from Bergen, Norway, they released two EP’s and now have their debut album out. Formed in 2008, founding members vocalist Joakim and drummer Lasse are joined by new members Marcus and Johannes on guitar and Snorre on bass.

This metalcore band starts off their album with “Sailors Grave”, which has great guitar playing and some heavy drumming that was quite impressive, and Joakim’s vocals are shouted with throat shredding abandon. “Safest Haven” takes the energy of the first track and gives it a kick in the balls as this song is harder and heavier with crazed vocals that probably wouldn’t make anyone feel safe, and manic drumming from Lasse. “Crossbearer” has the blast beats, but not overdone, and is actually really melodic and more metal at times than core, and has awesome riffs. “Black Waves” is sonically the most diverse song on the album with samples, dissonance and so much going on that it was a highlight for me. “Blot The Blood” is just one brutal track that if you heard live, would be crushing in the pit, so much power and energy in this one. The guys really seemed to be trying their hardest to make these songs as hard and heavy as they could and they have succeeded admirably. The album’s production is clean and full, giving DYST the ability to fill in the spaces with as many riffs as they could fit in. The vocals throughout this album are fantastic with Joakim going from crazed shouted to some almost spoken parts that give the songs both the anger and depth of his ability. Some other songs that I enjoyed were, “Green Pastures”, and “Calm The Storm”.

DYST have put together an album of incredible riffing and vocals that has some good melodic and atmospheric parts to keep it interesting as well. It’s a damn good debut album that will definitely appeal to fans of metalcore and if they put half as much energy into their live shows as they have on this CD, they’re bound to be awesome.


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