WORLD WAR IX: Off The Wagon: CD

This Brooklyn, NY punk band has just released a five song EP that is sure to be a crowd pleaser on Megaplatinum Records. Vocalist Filthy Phil, guitarist Justin Melkmann, bassist Brian Jackson and drummer Jon Kleinman have put together more of their brand of insanity and now we have to deal with it. Melkmann is also the man behind the very cool comic, Earaches & Eyesores #4, that ties in with the band, you have to check that out as well.

The EP opener “Carrera Con El Diablo” has great trumpet playing from The Kleve that adds to the Mexican theme of the song, eating Mexican food and getting a stomach ache that makes you have to go to the bathroom really badly. The band plays tight and Phil’s vocals are just over the top enough to make you laugh, but not groan from the goofiness of the lyrics. “Cutlass Supreme” is about how cool their car is and has great throbbing bass guitar by Jackson and pounding of Kleinman’s drums, plus the guitar playing from Melkmann is nice and chunky. “Price Of Admission” reminded me of the SUICIDAL TENDENCIES song “I Saw Your Mommy”, “What’s Wrong With) Drinking All Day” is a great drinking / partying song played fast and has a “TV Party” from BLACK FLAG feel to it, and “Bath Salt Zombies” is the theme to a new horror film directed and co-written by Dustin Wayde Mills and produced and co-written by Clint Weiler of AGGRONAUTIX. 

This EP has the aura and sound of releases from the early 80s, when punk was fun and goofy, but not poppy and shitty like BLINK 182, who tried to be fun and goofy, but aren’t…ever! If you have a sense of humor, this is the release to get, just throw it into your music playing device, crank it up, grab some beers and see if you can drink them as fast as the EP goes by. Your liver might not like it, but your ears will.

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