WORLD WAR IX: Bender Royale: CD

This debut EP from Brooklyn, NY’s WORLD WAR IX is where the insanity first raised its glorious head full of alcohol damaged brain cells. Five songs of punk rock for the insane or alcoholics or insane alcoholics…you get my drift.

“Sore Winner” is the winner of an opening track as we get gang vocals and old school hardcore that will get you up off of your rocking chair grandpa and grandma, and make you dance again. Grab your walker and let’s go! “Keyboard Commando” has the band taking on the tough guys behind their comments on the internet, “(We’ve Gone) Hollywood” has great guitar playing, gang vocals, snotty lead vocals, crashing drums and bouncing bass that make for a great sing along track, “Oi Revolt” takes their love of Oi! and makes the case for it with a song that skins and punk will be able to sing along with their beers in the air, and “Bender Royale” is an ode to the altar of booze and the blurred life that it gives you.

This is one hell of a debut, it makes you want to hear more from them and gives you the feel of what punk rock was way back in the old days of the early 80s, when PC didn’t exist and people’s asses weren’t so tight. You need this EP to clear out the crap that has passed for punk, these guys want to be your punk rock Sherpas, leading you to an enlightened view of real punk rock.


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