THE DAMN DIRTY APES emerged in the winter of 2009-10 and have released their debut thirteen track album on Fleetwood, PA’s Overdose On Records. The band consists of Andy Clark on guitar, Erik Wellen on drums, Jody on vocals, and Stacy Feit on bass.

“NO!” starts the festivities with a kick to the groin with the shouted chorus, the hammering drum beats the pummeling bass and the powerful riffing, “Who Cares” has a great fat bass line, a great chorus and gallops along at a quick pace making your head bob and would be a killer song in the pit, and “Detached” is another blistering hardcore song with stop / starts, gruff vocals and juicy bass. Melding hooks and intensity, you will be thrashing and banging your head throughout the album and laughing and singing along with the choruses. Their mix of thrash metal, crossover, and hardcore will get you up and moshing around your house like a mad man. The other songs that I got into were, “Dead Engine”, “The Trout”, “Set Fires”, “Fluffer”, and “Blades Of Swords”.

If you’re looking for a band that will play hard and heavy, has hooks galore and swearing, this is your band…mine too! These DAMN DIRTY APES would piss off Charlton Heston every bit as much as the ones in those old monkey movies, maybe even more so…good on you APES!

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