POWER IS POISON: Apathetic Generation: CD

This punk, anarcho, crust, hardcore band has released a CD with twenty-five tracks, one being a cover of RUDIMENTARY PENI’s “Extreme Noise Peni”. This contains all of their singles and some unreleased songs to get you thinking about the world beyond your front yard.

“War On Freedom” is the lead off track and it comes at you like a hurricane, all power and pushes you over and drags you around. Fast hardcore with frenetic drumming and blurred guitar playing. “Anti Facist” is thicker sounding with fat bass and hard and fast guitar playing, drumming that is bashing away at the kit and great gang vocals, “Smash Things Up” is a dense crust song that has the band barely able to contain their fury, “Modern Day Concentration Camp” is some blazing hardcore that has dual vocals and lots of guitar breaks that get you wondering how they got that much  technical work done in such a short time. As you listen to the CD, you get the sense of the power that all of the band members had on these tracks, J. Jobby on guitar and vocals, Rene Riot on vocals, Kwintin on drums, Gradus on bass, Den on drums and Lex on bass. They don’t mince words on these songs, they have strong political ideas and they aren’t shy about giving up their opinion to you on here. All of the members of this band are strong players who have added their own touches and have made the band tighter and stronger as time went on. Some other songs on this CD that I rocked out to were, “Hunger Hate & War”, “Strontfront”, “Ram The Bastards”, “Raging Racist Rita”, “War On The System”, and so many more.

This was one of the best hardcore, anarcho, crust, punk CDs that I have heard in a long time! Only bands from Europe seem to do this kind of music justice, but I guess with the bullshit politics and long history of these kinds of bands, they just have a better handle on it. You could easily slot this into a mix of bands from the early 80s when the U.K. had a ton of these bands going, and they would stand out.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/POWER-IS-POISON/121894131162037  http://powerispoison.bigcartel.com/  https://www.facebook.com/pumpkinrecordsuk  http://www.pumpkinrecords.co.uk/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frantic-Slaughter-Records-and-Distro/110563129030440  https://www.facebook.com/Righteousangerrecords  http://www.righteousangerrecords.net/


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