Vancouver, BC’s HIDDEN TOWERS formed in 2009 and won CITR radio’s Shindig competition; making them the first heavy band to win the competition since 2001. Their first EP called  Great Conjunctions came out in 2010 and the band was put on hiatus due to incessant line-up changes and careers. Now we have their debut full length album called Olympus Mons, seven tracks of hard rock that bring to mind the classic rock of yesteryear, but updated for today.

“Smoke Cloud” is the first song on the album and has a touch of THE DOORS at the beginning of the song with the Jim Morrison styled vocals by Chris Cantrell on guitar and vocals, then it becomes more of a modern rock song with Chris Cornell style singing and heavy grunge mixed with hard rock playing. The guitar work by Cantrell is very hard-edged and melodic, the bass by Ben Holland rolls along nice a smooth, and Jakub Svoboda’s drums are nice and full. “Gleaming The Cube” has a TEA PARTY feel to it, kind of mystical and a late 1960s rock song, “Son Of The Dragon” has more of the hard rock / modern rock sound with intense playing that draws you in, and “Gainsford, AB (Cup Of Blood)” is the hardest track on the first half of the album with more of that SOUNDGARDEN sound. HIDDEN TOWERS really show off their skill at their respective instruments on this album with tight playing that veers in different directions and eras, but is still a cohesive sound that makes everything work together. Svoboda’s drums are heavy, but very melodic, just like the bass from Holland which complements Svoboda’s playing and Cantrell’s guitar playing goes from being soft and gentle to raging and hard in the blink of an eye, along with his chameleon-like vocals which go from grunge to classic rock sounding. “Nobody Knew How High She’d Get” has a nice groove that is a great 1960s type song with great guitar playing from Cantrell, “Comoving Distance” is an epic with the fast and slower parts of the song drawing you in and making you nod your head along to, and the closer “Drowning in the Baptismal Front” is a fantastic end to the album with everything heard during the previous songs gelling into one intense track.

https://www.facebook.com/hiddentowers  http://hiddentowers.bandcamp.com/music  http://www.hiddentowers.com/  https://www.facebook.com/DefiledUnderMusic  http://defiledundermusic.com/

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