This pop punk band really impressed me with this EP, it had the quick paced songs, but it also ended with “Awake”, a stripped down acoustic love song that wasn’t sappy or overwrought, just a lovely song.

The band has five other songs of well produced pop punk that rocked out pretty good, without being wimpy or generic, they have a lot more personality in their music than a lot of bands doing this kind of punk. The band seemed to write songs that are very anthemic and have a bit of bombast to them, like they are writing for stadiums, not clubs, I like their way of forward thinking. The band can really play, some nice guitar work, clever lyrics, really well done drumming and bass, it all worked out well on this EP. My favorite songs were “Back To Sleep”, “Drama Queen” and “New Girlfriend” which kind of reminded me of “Stacy’s Mom” from FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE.

A lot of pop punk bands just ape everyone else, but these guys really went out and created something fresh and exciting that will be one of those albums that I will come back to again and again.

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