DROOGIEZ: Struggle For Existence: CD

Here comes DROOGIEZ newest which comes two years after their solid debut album Glorious Days. They give us ten songs in around thirty minutes and bring the spirit of punk rock from the late 70s to the early 80s back for another listen.

The instrumental intro song is short, but gives you a quick dose of the punk that is coming at you on the second song, “Struggle For Existence” has a bit of Joe Strummer in the voice and has a definite CLASH feel to the song with the guitar playing and background singing, it could fit on the first CLASH album. “Cut The Crap”, which is the title of the last studio album by the CLASH, could have done with a song this good on that album, with the great lyrics, and the chorus that gets stuck in your head, “Addicted” has you thinking that you’re listening to a long-lost track from the early days of punk, it’s almost magical how they can turn me into a kid again with their skill at keeping the faith alive. “Too Young” has great bouncing bass, guitar licks that are tastefully placed in the song, drumming that’s just heavy enough, and great vocals that are a bit rough sounding. This trio, Tom on drums, Lars on bass on vocals and Arne on guitar and vocals really have the original punk sound down on this release, even more so than on their first album and it actually sounds fresh, not tired because they inject the songs with energy and excitement that other bands can’t get close to. I really liked these songs as well, “Footprint”, “Liar”, and “Respect Yourself”.

DROOGIEZ really went out and did an incredible job of making an album that you would swear was for the glory days of punk, with the clean sounding vocals, the well written lyrics and the marvellous playing. The CLASH were a band that really seemed to be acknowledged on this release with touches of their sound all over, but it wasn’t as if DROOGIEZ were aping their sound, but showing “The Only Band That Matters” some respect. Awesome job boys!

https://www.facebook.com/Droogiez  http://www.droogiez.de/  http://www.contra-net.com/  https://www.facebook.com/contrapunkrecords

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