ANGRY: Wild Ox Shangri-La: CD

Formed in 2012 in the wake of two of Vancouver, BC’s aggressive music juggernauts, JAKARTAH and LAST PLAGUE, ANGRY’s debut album is nine tracks of angry music. Guitarist Richard Fudalewski, drummer Kyle Ledingham, vocalist Heath Fenton and bassist Wes Cook are the guys who created this group of songs that shoot for the jugular.

“Right Loose” is the hard as nails opener where vocalist Fenton seems to be shredding his throat as you listen to him, especially with his screams of “Right Fucking Loose”, the band seems to be trying to destroy their instruments by bashing them as hard as they can and it all ends up as a glorious mess of a track, “Bad Day” comes crashing in like a typhoon and wipes out everything in its wake, more of the insane screaming and heavy bass, speedy guitar playing and incessant drumming, “Colony Of Murder” has great stop / starts that put it into more of a sludge type groove, and “Shoot The Messenger” has fantastic drumming and great over the top screaming. The band has a lot of talent and even with all of the craziness going on, you can hear the little nuances that they throw into the songs, like the keyboards on “Shoot The Messenger”. The rolling bass playing from Cook and the strong drumming from Ledingham really complements one another, guitarist Fudalewski plays fast and hard, but throws in some sweet licks every once in a while that you nod your head along to and Fenton’s screaming shows how pissed off he is at pretty much everything. Some of the songs that stood out to me were, “Umbrella Fight”, and “Humanical”.

This is an intense album to listen to, with Fenton screaming venom and bile at you for the course of the entire album and no let up. You could hear the emotion coming at you from the band with the tight and concise playing and it shows that even though a lot of people think Canadians are quiet and reserved, we all know that we bottle up our anger and scream obscenities when we get the chance…at least Fenton and I do.

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