NARINAS: Choose Your Destiny: CD

NARINAS have been together since 2005 and have finally put out their debut album…about time don’t you think? They come from Cambé, Brazil originally and now Yuri Ulisses André has moved to Los Angeles, CA and plans to start all over again with a new band. On this release he is joined by Raf on bass and vocals, Douglass Barison on drums and YUA does vocals and guitars.

“Bedroom” is the lead off track and gets the pop punk party off with a bang. Lots of ringing guitar, bouncy bass, drumming with a ton of crashing cymbals, and melodic singing that all add up to a toe tapping fun time. “Brazzers” has a hard rock sound with great bouncing bass, and lyrics about checking out their favorite website, “Awtr” and “Find A Way” are great pop punk songs that make you want to get up and dance to, with “Find A Way” having a bit of a GREEN DAY sound. These three guys have done a great thing, making pop punk that doesn’t sound like BLINK 182, but has the same catchiness that they do. The bass bounces along in these songs and compliments the quick paced drumming, the guitar playing doesn’t rely on solos, but powerful and melodic playing and the slightly snotty vocals give this album enough edge to win over the jaded pop punk fan. Some other tracks that got stuck in my head were, “Clits On Fire” is a catchy song that is go-go-go, “Squirting Queen”, “Unlucky Day”, “Untitled”, and the final song “WTF”. Keep the album going after the last song for the CHIPMUNKS sounding replay of “Bedroom”.

It was great that they didn’t go the way of so many pop punk bands and fall pry to the evil BLINK 182 style of music, they had a few touches of the goof humor and some GREEN DAY bits, but they took those small things and ran their own way. A great debut and I can’t wait to hear what YUA will be doing in the future here in America with his new band.

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