DON’T: Away Away: CD

DON’T formed in Portland, OR during the spring of 2009, after nearly a year they released their first full length CD. The four members of DON’T were in such bands as LADIES OF THE NIGHT, AUDIOS AMIGOS, THE WIPERS, and NAPALM BEACH and are Jenny Don’t on vocals and guitar, Sam Henry on drums, Dan Lowinger on guitar, and David Minick on bass.

The CD starts off with “Too Young” with some great surf guitar, Jenny’s SIOUXSIE SIOUX style singing and the repeated pleading of please, that gets stuck in your ear. “Out Of My Head” has a nice throbbing bass line running throughout that reminded me of “Teenland” by THE NORTHERN PIKES, and Jenny’s voice has an almost country music emotion coming through, “Impala” is a great country-tinged song that has rockabilly overtones and was a definite standout, and “Guilt Trip” is a slow burner that drips of emotion and a great bass line and guitar playing. The band really gets the emotion out of their instruments and puts it forth in their playing on this album. Henry’s drumming keeps the songs together with his steady and tight playing, Minick’s bass playing is a highlight, melodic, and bouncy, guitarist Lowinger and Jenny both play guitar with feeling and a sense of tunefulness that makes you groove right along with them and Jenny’s vocals go from the post punk gothiness of SIOUXSIE to a country twang and more rock like all in a heartbeat. Some other songs to check out are, “Junk Me” which was super catchy, “Missing Out with some bluesy vocals”, “I Am Not Ready To Leave” which was a great surf instrumental, and their version of THE WIPERS “Window Shop For Love”.

This was a very diverse and well produced album that caught me off guard, I thought that it was going to be more hard rock or punky, but this was a definite treat that will get replayed a lot. Whatever you do, DON’T ignore this band, they are worth going to see and picking up their music.

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