THE BARRACKS: Out With The Old: Download


Straight outta the U.K. comes THE BARRACKS from the Eastbourne / Hastings area with their debut full length album that includes all six EP tracks alongside five new ones.

Their album kicks off with “Hooligan’s Life”, a hard-hitting chunk of kick ass street punk with blazing guitar playing, smashing drums, throbbing bass, and great melodic vocals. The pace doesn’t let up with “Never Say Die” which has super catchy gang vocals that will grab you right away, and is one of the most powerful songs on the album. There is a bounty of hooks on this album that most bands would kill for and they just seem to have no problem writing them. The album doesn’t slow down throughout, it goes from the songs from the EP and the new songs with energy and excitement that is more infectious than kissing someone who has a cold sore. Some other songs that had me smiling were, “Johnny Way”, “State of Disfunction”, “Alarm Call”, “69 Regrets”, “Times Up”, and “The New Lie”. The other songs were just as good, but these ones just had a slight edge, and the last track, “Fucking Van” is a song that most touring bands will totally relate to.

These guys are one of the best punk bands that I’ve heard in a long time, lots of energy, great playing and pretty good production. Go check out your new favorite band and show them some love by seeing them when they come to your neighborhood, I only wish that I lived near them or that they would come to Texas sometime. I’m so looking forward to their next release.

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