RAVEN LORD: Descent To The Underworld: CD

CD ArtWork - Descent To The Underworld

RAVEN LORD was founded in 2011 by vocalist Zvekan of KILLING MACHINE and includes guitarist George Karafotis of VERMILLION DAYS and OPERATION X, bassist Jamie Mallender of TONY MARTIN BAND, drummer Rich Smith of POWER QUEST, keyboardist Alessandro Duo of VOODOO HIGHWAY and lead guitarist Joe Stump of HOLY HELL and REIGN OF TERROR. RAVEN LORD’s debut CD release was produced by the band’s own Zvekan and mixed by Swedish producer Fredrik Nordström.

Descent to the Underworld contains 11 blistering tracks of neo classical influences with elements of power metal, and classic hard rock to create their own blend of heavy metal. Opening song “The Rebel” brings thunderous drums, ear-splitting guitar riffs, and vocals that sound flawless all together, “Atilla The Hun” has the Rob Halford singing down pat, and sounds like it came right out of the 1980s with the classic metal sound the band brings to the song. Guitarist Stump really shines with his playing throughout the album, tons of solos and riffs, Zvekan’s vocals are incredible with the highs that he hits and the melody in his voice, drummer Smith lays down a nice steady beat with a lot of great fills, guitarist Karafotis adds the right amount of melody with his playing, bassist Mallender creates a nice thick sound that gives the songs a nice touch of heaviness, and keyboardist Duo really adds a curtain of atmosphere to the songs. Some other songs that stood out to me were, “Settle the Score”, “Let the Show Go On”, “World of Steel”, “Revelation” and “Metal Knights”, but all of the songs are in-your-face metal with no ballads or weak tracks to be found.

This is an album that will make you whip your head around in a head banging frenzy if you love classic sounding, 1980s style power metal that has a modern touch. I’m going to get the neck massager out, my neck is starting to hurt a bit.

https://www.facebook.com/ravenlordmusic  http://www.raven-lord.com/  http://www.music-avenue.net/mausoleum/index.php

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