PISS N’ BLOOD was formed by front man Ron Anger and guitar player Cam Mosavian in August 2007, they released their first single in May 2009, had a song included on the Gasoline Records compilation The Sounds of Gasoline (Vol. 5), and has no put out their self-released debut album. PISS N’ BLOOD also include drummer Parker Johnston and bassist Mike Betancourt.

“G.I. Junkie” starts the album off with a song that has a great chorus and brings back memories of the early 80s punk bands like the FORGOTTEN REBELS and a bit of Johnny Rotten’s sneering vocals. “24 hour machine” has a nice thick sound with the guitar coming out of the mix with a few choice licks whipped off, “Manic Trigger” has a great guitar riff that open the song, then kicks off into some blazing punk rock with vocals that remind me of the DEAD MILKMEN, and “Insane” has some nice pissed off and snotty vocals. PISS N’ BLOOD play full-out and tight on this album with every song being a potential new favorite depending on how you’re feeling at that moment. Lots of neat and tidy solos from Mosavian that make you want to get out the old air guitar and play along with, sure and steady drumming that gets the feet tapping by Johnston, driving and melodic bass playing from Betancourt and singer Anger has the ability to sound different on every song, going from an English type accent to different punk rock vocalists, which makes for a very cool and diverse sounding release. Other songs that grabbed my ears were, “Treason”, which had a strong SEX PISTOLS sound that I loved, “New Breed”, “Piss N’ Blood” which reminded me of EMI by the SEX PISTOLS, “Killer Robot” that was a fantastic instrumental punk song with an outstanding performance from the band, “Beautiful Losers” and a blistering cover of IGGY & THE STOOGES “Search & Destroy”.

If you like old school punk rock without any pretensions or newer angst and whining, PISS N’ BLOOD are the band for you, they sure are for me. This is the kind of stuff that got me into punk in the first place and kids today need a dose of real, honest to anarchy, punk rock.

https://www.facebook.com/PissNBlood  http://www.pissnblood.com/

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