CRUCIFIED BARBARA - The Midnight Chase Album Artwork - 5 inch @ 300 dpi

Swedish rockers CRUCIFIED BARBARA return with their third album, The Midnight Chase, which comes three years after the release of their last full-length album, ’Til Death Do Us Party, but in the time between these albums, CRUCIFIED BARBARA  released a DVD, and participated in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The album’s first song “The Crucifier” has a definite MOTORHEAD sound and is far heavier you would expect, kind of like GIRLSCHOOL, but thicker sounding and with vocals that are more dirty sounding and rough. There is a nice fat sounding bass on the song from Ida Evileye, Klara Force shreds on the guitar, throwing out a great solo, Nicki Wicked’s punishing drumming carries the momentum forward, and vocalist and guitarist Mia Coldheart plays great licks and has a nice hard-edged voice that is great to hear after all the wispy and operatic voiced women in metal now. “Shut Your Mouth” is a great in-your-face song with incendiary guitar playing, and “Into the Fire” has a more melodic and hard rock sound, but still has power to spare. CRUCIFIED BARBARA plays high energy, raw and powerful metal that has plenty of attitude like, “Don’t fuck with me or I’ll kick you in the nuts and stomp you”. Some other songs that jumped out at me were, “Everything We Need” with the chugging guitars and strong vocals, “If I Hide” with the strong melody and more hard rock sound, “Rock Me Like the Devil” brings in some 1980s vibes, a GIRLSCHOOL sound with the great background vocals and chorus which made it one of my favorites, and “The Midnight Chase” with its crispy hard rock and great lead guitar playing. There is a softer side to this band and on “Count Me In”, they display it with an acoustic ballad that is packed with heart-felt emotion and playing.

This was a great hard rock, heavy metal album that was strong and had great playing and production that made the songs jump out at you and stick in your head long after you stopped listening to the album. CRUCIFIED BARBARA really did “Rock Me Like The Devil” on this album and for that, I throw the horns out to you ladies.

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