Tony Cover Tunecore (good copy)

Formed in late 2010, Brisbane,  Australia’s ALLA SPINA, which means pumped up in Italian, recorded their debut four song EP Tony. It was released in late 2012 and is full of the energy of punk and ska with pop melodies and a gritty hard rock sheen.

The title song starts off with some ska / new wave and then kicks into some great punk rock and goes back and forth throughout the entire song, becoming the best song that NO DOUBT never recorded. “Cocaine Wedding” is a great slow song that builds up as the song plays, and the crescendo of emotion is overwhelming from vocalist Simonne Lupinetti. “Scream” is back to a mix of hard rock and punk with really well-done keyboard playing from Chantal Lupinetti and great guitar playing from Isaac Rowe, who really puts a lot of energy into his playing. “No Rest For The Wicked” has distorted vocals, some rockabilly guitar, and a feeling of dread in the playing, almost like it should be in a horror movie.

ALLA SPINA really did a great job with this EP, giving us a taste of their talent and whetting appetite for another helping of their tasty buffet of sound. This band really has a great sound and can’t be pigeon-holed, and they really made me pumped up.

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