ZACHARIAH TAZEWELL: Hospital Beds And Isolation: CD


ZACHARIAH TAZEWELL is the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for punk band ANOTHER BROKEN STRING from Newcastle, Australia and this is his solo acoustic EP.

“I Don’t Want To Go Home” is the lead off track from his EP and it has nice raspy vocals and very melodic guitar playing, and the song is about living in a small country town and escaping. “Where’s The Revolution?” asks the obvious question that no one seems to know the answer to, “Love Lust And Everything Inbetween” is a song for anyone that’s ever broken a heart or had theirs broken by someone, “Changing Or staying The Same” is quite obvious, and the final song “When Will It Be Worth It” is a song about tearing himself apart when his father died. The punk feel is alive on this EP with his vocals, the exceptional lyrics and the powerful guitar playing.

As you can see, this is a very personal collection of songs done with emotion wringing from his voice and his guitar giving him some sense of solace with its non judgemental partnership with him. This was a very deep and fantastic collection of songs and Tazewell did an excellent job getting everything across to the listener.

1 thought on “ZACHARIAH TAZEWELL: Hospital Beds And Isolation: CD

  1. I always used to think that music will last for ever in the ether but it’s nice to have it recorded so it can be heard in the present…
    Great EP Zac, it’s good to hear an ultimate version of the songs i’ve heard a hundred times in a thousand different ways, maybe i should do the same instead of mumbling in my boots!

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