RIVERSIDE RIOT formed in Austin TX in 2012, when Brian Hammer recruited Cole Bowen, and then they found Stephen Meriwether and Aaron Alicea. They draw from all of their musical influences to create a mixture of Oi!, punk, and hardcore.

“Radio Reality” is the lead off track and the chugging guitars, some Oi! Oi!’s, gang vocals, snotty lead vocals, bouncy bass guitar and thumping drums kick things into high gear from the start. “Tricky Bird” has more of a punk rock sound than the previous Oi! style and has plenty of woah-ohs, raspy vocals, a great guitar solo and “Same Shit Different Day” is faster and has the woah-ohs going on, but the chorus jumps out at you and gets lodged in your brain and before the song is half over, you’re singing along, last song “Heist” is more hardcore with shouted vocals and frenetic playing. The production is a bit flat, except on the last song which was a bit harsh sounding and the drums and bass could be tweaked a bit more to give them more personality and depth, but the songs and playing were tight.

For a demo, this shows a ton of potential and with a little bit more production and mixing, these guys will have a killer release, as it is, this still kicks ass and they sound like they would do justice to these songs in a live venue because this has an almost live in the studio feel to it, great job guys!

https://www.facebook.com/riversideriot.austin  http://03669fd.netsolhost.com/index.html


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