Deus Otiosus - Godless frontcover web

Godless is the sophomore album by DEUS OTIOSUS who play old school death metal with nuances of black and thrash, that have been together since 2005 and are from Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Snakes Of The Low” grabs you with the brutal intensity as soon as you hit play. The drumming isn’t going like a machine gun, but is still incredibly fast, the guitar playing is fantastic with the licks being flung around like a pizza chef throwing his pizzas up into the air, the bass is nice and thick, and the low, growling vocals bring a sense of menace to the song. Anders Bo Rasmussen on vocals, Henrik Engkjær and Peter Engkjær on guitars, Jesper Holst on bass, and Jesper Olsen on drums just tear shit up on this album. The playing is way above the average death metal band, but not technical metal, just a group of guys who are proficient at their instruments and don’t need all of the wanking that you find on those tech metal albums or the sloppiness of a lot of death metal. “In Harms Way” might be my favorite song on the album with the clean guitar solo that shreds, the outstanding job Olsen does on drums, just going full-out and being melodic at the same time was just a treat to hear and I loved every second of it. “New Dawn” has a lot of doom to it, and is super heavy with a low-end that will rattle your teeth and shake your fillings loose. This is one unrelenting and dynamic release that caught me off guard and the songs just kept the high standard going throughout the album. Other songs that blew me away were “Pest Grave”, “Cast From Heaven”, and ” Face The Enemy” which the staggering onslaught left me breathless. The last song “Death Dance” is another doom heavy song with the band going for broke by playing their hearts out on a song that left me wanting more from them.

This was a definite step up from your garden variety death metal album and they deserve to get this heard by as many extreme metal fans as possible. They may not be a name that you know very well, but give this one a shot and you will be convinced that this is the band to beat.

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