UNEMPLOYMENT PARTY formed in 2010 as a three-piece band and recorded their first demo. In 2012 UNEMPLOYMENT PARTY recruited guitar player Jason Moss and have recorded a new demo.

“As Yet Unknown” starts things off with a nice chunk of punk rock that has a mixture of slow-paced and blazing fast sections that have some ripping guitar playing, and bellowing vocals. “I Hate Small Dogs” is a crazed hardcore song that goes by so fast and with such power that you have to replay it, “Nothing” continues the hardcore blitz and keeps the aggression going. “Naked Ape” is the longest song at close to three minutes and has the slow to fast pace and great guitar leads that jump out at you and a touch of an early MISFITS sound, “Old Guy Hat” is another short punch to the guts hardcore song, and finally, “Rainbow” ends things off with a last blast of hardcore. Thee Adikrist on bass and vocals really did a great job with some rumbling bass and vocals that were clear enough to understand the lyrics and able to handle the singing and shouting on the different styles present, Mos has a flair for throwing licks out in quick succession, and Jay on drums just pounds the hell out of his kit on the fast songs, but has a deft touch on the slower punk rock tracks.

All-in-all, a damn fine little EP here with enough variations in styles that it should appeal to the hardcore kids and the punk rock kids. It was nice that no screamo, or emo was smeared on here and they kept the integrity of punk intact.

https://www.facebook.com/unemploymentparty  http://unemploymentparty.fourfour.com/home  http://dimsound.com/up/music/

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