Two songs from each of these Oi! bands on this split with THE OLD FIRM CASUALS coming from San Francisco, California and THE HEADLINERS from Nantes, France.

THE OLD FIRM CASUALS start off the split with their two songs and “March On” is the first one to rip on the single. Gruff lead vocals from Lars Frederiksen out of RANCID, with gang vocals from the rest of the band making it really catchy, pounding drums, ringing guitar, and bouncing bass make for an Oi! sound from the 1980s, and “We’re All Gonna Die”  is even more gruff in the lead vocals, way more gang vocals and was the winner of the two songs for me with the stop-start of the playing and how tight of a song it was. THE HEADLINERS come in with “C’mon C’mon” and it’s almost FACES / LONDON QUIREBOYS sound, but then you get the hard-hitting “You’ve Never Done” which brings out the punk rock / Oi! big time with rough vocals, lots of gang vocals, punchy guitar, rolling bass, and smashing drum work that make you want to get up and dance, a definite winner of a song.

This was a great single with two bands that were just different enough to make it work as hearing two separate bands, not one band and both meshed together very well. This label has just been putting out a bunch of great releases and this is one more that they can be proud of.

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