Far From Here is the debut release from THE LONESOME ONES and features the veteran musicianship of such hard rocking bands as LOS INFERNOS, SECOND CHANCE, LONGWAY and The LEGENDARY SWAGGER. The album is a blend of 60′s garage rock with a little bit of punk rock attitude and features guest appearances by Pete Dee from The ADICTS, Jake Cavalier from The LORDS OF ALTAMONT, Brophy Dale from LEE ROCKER, Geoff Yeaton The LEGENDARY SWAGGER and Vanessa Soto.

On “Set Me Free” things start off with some feedback and then the jump into a garage rock song that has some rockabilly twang to it mixed with a touch of punk, vocals that are a bit rough sounding, guitar playing that grabs you and a chorus that gets into your head really easily. “You Lied” has a strong rockabilly vibe that makes you want to get up and dance to from the get-go, “Far From Here” was made into a video and has some of the best guitar playing on the album, you can see why this song was made into a video, catchy, great playing and it has the feel of HAVANA 3AM which is cool. “Is She There Or Gone?” has great saxophone and was a nice change of pace with the 1950s sound that it gave the song. Other songs that made the replay button were “Leave Me Alone”, “Strings”, “Freedom” and their cover of “House Of The Rising Sun” which was dirty sounding and just made it one of the better covers of that song that I have ever heard.

With the great playing and songs on this album, these guys should be getting tons of exposure like they did on an episode of MTV’s Ridiculousness. You need to grab this album and make them a household name, you will be playing this album a lot, I know that this will be on repeat in my stereo.

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