THE INFINITY STAR-WORLD are a pop-punk band from Okinawa, Japan who have released their debut on Starting Off Records.

The pop punk on their single is more punk then pop which was cool because it showed the punch that these guys had on first song “Panama” which was still really catchy, but feisty. Title song “Viva Fiasco” was even more punk than pop, and had hooks galore in it along with some nice galloping drums, rolling bass guitar, fast guitar playing and great gang vocals. “Medium Dud” had the feel of almost street punk in the grittiness that they had going on in the song, plus great bass guitar playing and some woah-ohs thrown in, “Quickie” strangely was the longest song on the single, but had more excellent playing and gang vocals giving it a great shout along song, and last, but not least, “Ma-lion” kicks off with the punk raging, getting you all revved up for some slam dancing and is the most straight up punk rock song on here.

What a great single, not one song that was bad, the band’s English was pretty damn good, giving you the ability to sing along with them and super tight playing. With the clear production, this was not just a single that will get played, but one that will get played a lot around my house.


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