THE ANTS: Nobody Knows: CD

This pop punk band from Osaka, Japan has released this four song single that will grab you from the first spin.

The band jumps into your brain with the super fun song “1-2-3-4!” with its infectious chorus and wicked beat, “Nobody Knows” was made into a single and has nice buzzing guitar playing, great drumming that gets your foot tapping right away, bouncy bass guitar and really upbeat singing that is hard not to break into a smile while listening to it. “Wonder” just keeps the energy going with its GREEN DAY sound, kind of like “Minority”, and “Shake” has more of the pop punk goodness that you’ve come to enjoy on this single with another chorus that gets you singing along with.

A mighty fine release that really was above average in the quality of the playing and songs, the only hard part was the lyrics, mostly because they are from Japan, some of the words got lost, but they still get a passing grade from me.


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