LION’S LAW: Watch’em Die: 7″


LION’S LAW is an Oi! band from Paris, France with members of KOMINTERN SECT, MARABOOTS, STREET KIDS and BURNING HEADS. The band is comprised of Wattie on vocals, Louis on guitar, Pipa on bass, and Thomoi on drums.

Starting off the single is “Watch’em Die” with a touch of gruffness to the vocals, but really melodic, some gang vocals, chugging guitar, forceful bass guitar playing and steady drumming all make for a great start to the EP. “Tell The Boys” has great gang vocals that make you want to sing along with, great hard-hitting drums, rolling bass work, and the guitar playing is easily some of the tightest I’ve heard on an Oi! song in a long time. The final song “City Streets” keeps the gang vocals going, the band is tearing it up and Wattie does a great job in putting out the emotion in his singing which is never super gruff like a ton of other Oi! bands, but has a ton of melody and add the harmonies of the background singers, marvelous stuff.

This was one great little single that really makes me want to hear more from LION’S LAW in the future. This shows that all Oi! bands aren’t created equally, some are more talented than others, and these guys have a boatload of it.

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