CHURCH OF THE DEAD: Vol.1 Stay Out Of My Grave: CD

CHURCH OF THE DEAD is a Finnish old school death metal band with punk attitude, crushing d-beats and a twisted sense of morbid humor. This is their debut release and their second EP has been recorded and mastered. It will be released on 15th of May 2013, these guys don’t waste any time now do they?

The four songs on this EP start off with a short snippet that sounds like you’re in the middle of an old horror movie with all sorts of creepy sounds and music, then it kicks off into the brutal “Nekrovulture” which is heavy, fast as hell and has both high-pitched raspy and low growled vocals mixed together. “Beheaded, scooped & Displayed is a little slower, and heavier, but just as intense as the first song, this is where you really get the huge d-beat sound, and “The Abyss” starts off really doomy with a slow dirge like feel and low growled vocals, but then the bands kicks into high gear and off we go into a great end to the EP. Band members K.Lahti on guitar, J.Pihlajaniemi on vocals, T.Makkonen on drums, and A.Poutanen on bass guitar really poured out a ton of aggression and intensity on their debut.

For a debut, this was one hell of a ride through heaviness and it was a ride that I didn’t want to get off of. I’m really looking forward to the next release from this band, if this is any tiny bit of what is coming up, then we are in for a treat.

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