SAINT ALVIA: Static Psalms: CD

This band from Burlington, Ontario, next door to my hometown of Hamilton has put out a really cool album that I can’t stop listening to.

The first single “Define Me” has what I believe a sample from the movie Stripes popping up throughout the song, and is really a good pop rock song, but the album has a lot of depth to it. You have aspects of some 60s / 70s music, some power pop, and a touch of classic rock and a bit of punk to make what should be a horrific mess, but is an album that I love and works so well all together. There is a lot of melody on here, great singing, and the band really can play, they are tight, show a ton of skill at their craft and make this a great listening experience. The great job on the production just adds to the clean sound of this album. There are thirteen songs on here and not one is out-of-place, everything flows and the more that you listen to it, the more you will be drawn in by them.

I really can’t say more except go out and get this, it’s great! Sorry to steal that Tony the Tiger…lol.

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