THE DORADOS ROCKABILLY TRIO: Conflicto de Espacio Blanco: CD

These Colombian rockabilly maniacs put out six songs in English and Spanish on their debut album, including an ode to Bettie Page and do a pretty good job doing it too.

Rockabilly has never been a hugely popular genre down in Columbia, but these guys rip out some tight sounding songs that bring back some feel of the 50s with their music. It’s nice to hear that they also sang in their native language on here because it gets boring to hear bands forcing themselves to conform just to be heard, I might not understand what they’re singing, but I still rocked out to them. They have a very raw feel to them on this album which is cool; you can tell they aren’t slick pretenders, but guys really into this style of music.

They are good players and the production is a bit raw, but I think it sounds good on this album; a bit of grittiness brings out a bit more emotion from them. I think that with some time, these guys will just get better, but this is a really good beginning for them.

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