HIGHER GIANT: Al’s Mustache: 7″

Some really good pop punk with no sign of BLINK 182, always a good sign when that happens on this release.

They give you four really tight, well-played songs that show you how a band should play pop punk, smooth, clear vocals, lots of energy, tight musicianship, and just a pleasure to throw on. They have great production which makes this a nice and clear sounding single with a smooth sound that takes nothing away and doesn’t make it to overdone. I have to play this for my wife, this will get her moving, it definitely will be played a lot around my house, and I can’t stop listening to it. Featuring members of Kid Dynamite, Grey Area, and The Arsons, these guys have a ton of experience and put it to good use on a winner of a single.

I had never heard of these guys before this single, but now I’m a fan forever.

https://www.facebook.com/blacknumbersmusic  http://blacknumbers.bandcamp.com/album/als-moustache-7  http://theblacknumbers.com/  http://blacknumbers.limitedrun.com/

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