IMBER: The Breaking Point: CD

This is a really good EP from this Swedish all female metal band that shows a lot of talent and melody as well as power in the vocals which is a treat to hear female vocalist get out there and wail.

They really rock out on the EP with their full on driving songs that are so well done that the EP goes by so fast that you lose track of time. There is a lot of power, venom and sweetness in the vocals from My, the guitarist Madde plays some great kick ass licks, and Lisette the bass guitarist and Lea the drummer carry the band into a nice melodic, but heavy at ties place. This is the kind of album that gets you excited about hard rock and metal again because the band really knows how to tweak the songs to bring out the best in them and to give you the emotion and depth that is missing from a lot of groups nowadays.  Out of the four songs on their EP, “Like A Ghost” and “No End Of Us” really stood out with the crunch, power and catchiness of them.

This is definitely a band to watch out for in the future, so go check out their web page and spend some money on them.

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