ILLNATH: 4 Shades Of Me: CD

Something a bit different this time, a death metal band with a female vocalist which is cool instead of the typical female fronted metal band with operatic or wispy vocals, this time it’s a female that singing with all out power.

Vocalist Mona Beck gets right down to business and growls like the best of them, making a great change from the typical male vocals, Pete Falk’s guitar work is tight and has some great solos and leads, almost hard rock in the technique, the bass lays down some thickness,  and the drums are pounding away behind making for a grand noise, the only thing that stood out was the drum sound on some of the tracks, a bit flat, no depth and too tappity-tappity-tap on the first song, but it didn’t ruin it for me, it just stood out a bit. Songs “King of Your Mind”, “Pieces”, “Unleashed”, “Not My God” and “It’s on Me” were definite highlights on this album.

This band is doing a great job and this is a really cool album that shows a lot of talent and you should keep your eyes open for them if you see them on tour in your area.

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