HIM: XX – Two Decades Of Love Metal: CD

This is the first compilation by the band that covers their whole career includes one new track, “Strange World” which is the first new material from HIM since 2010.

Kevin Grivois known by the artist name Ké released the track in the 90s, and it’s one of the personal favorites of Ville Valo so he decided to do a cover of it and release a video and single of it. There really isn’t a lot to say about HIM, most people know of the band from the guys in Viva La Bam, Bam Margera’s TV show because he talked about the band, had their logo tattooed on him, played their music on the show and had Valo on the show three times. This is a compilation of nineteen radio edited songs and the one cover song, so you get bang for your buck and something from all over their career which makes for a pretty good collection. Not everything on here is super fast, there are more mellow moments and it’s a great jumping in place for the few out there who aren’t familiar with their work. They also have their cover of “Wicked Game”, originally done by Chris Isaak. These guys were never a super heavy band, more melodic and they even did a song for a friend of Vallo’s that committed suicide called “The Kiss of Dawn”, which showed that Vallo wasn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

This is really worth getting to familiarize you with the band and to see where they are going in the future.

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