This is one interesting split, two band with different outlooks, BATTLE POPE has their genitals in the forefront of their songs making for a funny release and then you have the uber serious JESUS CHRIST POSSE coming down hard on religion.

The first band is more groove oriented with some of the booze soaked feel of scum rock bands and the band really has funny lyrics and the band does get a little harder near the end of their set of songs. The second band just comes out blazing with its hatred of religion and power on their songs, more in the hardcore mixed with metal vein and the lyrics are still on the funny side. Both bands will offend a bunch of people, but that is too bad since they both are having the time of their lives on here and it shows in how both bands play really well on here.

This was a great split and I know that it’s going to get a ton of replays at my house.

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