THE LOAD LEVELERS: America…Fuck Yeah!!: CD

This fifteen song album from Seattle, Washington’s Load Levelers is chock full of what they call “barncore” or what we called punkabilly in the 1980s. They were established in 1998 and have had endured many trials and tribulations, but thankfully with this lineup, have given us an album that kicks ass.

“Hudson Hornet” gets the ball rolling with a hard-hitting song that has more than a taste of that old punk rock mixed with rockabilly and great gang vocals and a nice little bass solo in this über catchy song. “Skinhead Girl” is almost a complete punk rock song that keeps the catchy factor at one hundred, the damn song just sticks with you like molasses on a warm day. “Miss Molly” brings the country to the front in their punk and country mix and will have your foot tapping right off of your foot, and “Shut Yer’ Yap” has some nice crunchy guitar, pounding drums, bouncing bass and countryish vocals mixed with great background vocals, female vocals and a great saxophone solo. Kurt Colfelt on guitar and vocals has the ability to go from country twang to punk swagger all in one song and plays the hell out of his guitar, John Wooten guitar and vocals is every bit Colfelt’s equal in the band with the same compliments for him, Tim Aynardi on electric bass keeps the beat nice and steady and throws in some slick sounds, Noa Mahoney on drums has the soft touch on the country tinged songs, but can pound away with vigor on the fast songs and Michelle Thurston’s backing vocals are a definite pleasure with her sweet voice that has a bite. Other songs that got the repeat from me were “Canada” maybe because I’m from there…lol, “Hogfucker”, “Methlab”, “Texas Love Kit” “Pinky Toe” and “No Guts…”.

This was a great album with a diverse bunch of songs that flowed well into one another. These guys would be a riot to see live and would have the crowd up and dancing, and of course drinking.

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