SOK AND THE FAGGOTS: Shit Happens When You Party Naked: CD

Based out of Tacoma WA, SOK AND THE FAGGOTS take a little bit of punk, some metal, and a whole lot of rock and roll to create their brand of crazed fun. In the summer of ’06, the band got together and in 2007 they released their first recording titled Kickin Names And Takin Ass, and in 2011 SOK AND THE FAGGOTS released their first full length album titled Shit Happens When You Party Naked on Splatterhouse Wreckords.

“3 Drink” is the barn burner that starts off this collection of offensive, yet hilarious songs with some fuzzy guitar from Captain Shitbeard and The Felonious Drunk, pumping bass guitar from Big Papa Cunt who also does vocals, powerful drumming from The Sexual Tyrannosaurus and gruff vocals from Sok Scum. “Die When You Die” is a happy song about life…no it’s not, it’s an angry song that is great to sing along with, which describes the whole album really. The production is pretty clear, with some rough edges, but it feels right and the band plays like maniacs on this album, just staying on the right side of crazy, but only just. The songs are tight and played fiercely, some of the ones that were stuck in my head were “Murder”, “Brickfight!”, “Substance Abuse”, “Shitty Titties”, and “Buttfuck The Dead”. As you can see from the titles, this is an album that may not be for everyone, but damn…it made me laugh out loud and the band plays some great punk rock with almost death metal vocals at times.

This is going into the repeat play pile for sure, especially when my neighbors start playing the (c)rap music that seeps into my house from outside when its warm out. I loved the album, but if you get it, have an open mind and don’t be a PC cop or else you will hate it.

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