SAVAGE: Sons Of Malice: CD

Part of the NWOBHM movement of the early 80’s, SAVAGE are back with their first album of new material since 2001’s Xtreme Machine. Original members Chris Bradley on vocals and bass guitar, and Andy Dawson on lead guitars are joined by Mark Nelson on drums, and Kristian Bradley on guitars.

For having been around since 1978 and being an influence of METALLICA, you would think that SAVAGE would be more well-known, but sadly that doesn’t always happen, but with this album, they should get on the radar of more people. Old school blues-fused heavy metal is what’s on display on this album and its done right. Heavy riffing, and thick production gives Sons Of Malice that genuine feel and doesn’t pander to be trendy, just a kick-ass rock album. “The Rage Within” starts things off on a great note, hard rocking, pounding beat, soaring vocals, and a chorus that will grab you, you can’t go wrong with this one. “Black N Blue” has a great blues riff that brings to mind when AC/DC could actually carry this off before becoming bland. The production has a gritty, realness to it, making this sound tougher and harder than a lot of hard rock that comes out nowadays, almost late 1970s in the feel. The groove that SAVAGE lock into is fantastic, just heavy enough to get the head banging, but not so heavy that you lose the emotion in the songs. Some highlights of the album include the title track “Sons of Malice”, “Waking the Dead”, “The Hanging Tree”, and “Choose Revolution”, but the whole album is chock full of nuggets that will get lodged into your brain and make you want to play the album again.

This was a fantastic surprise, an album from a band that I thought that I would never hear from again, and a kick ass album at that. I know that this is going to be one that gets a lot of replays around my house…and nice and loud too.

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