NADER SADEK: Living Flesh: CD

This November 20, 2011 show featured the original line-up of musicians from the “In the Flesh” record, as well as two new performers, and this is the first ever live performance from Nader Sadek’s critically acclaimed “In the Flesh” project on CD and DVD.

Everything was played faster and longer on this album than on the original to sink in and absorb it all and it sure is a relentless experience with so much heaviness that it feels like you are in the tar pits and getting sucked in, just so much pushing you, but then you get some speed thrown at you to get you moving again. This sure isn’t something for those looking for poppy or upbeat music, but some brutal death metal that just pummels you. These guys can play really well and for a live album, the production is pretty good, not muddy, but not so over done like a lot of bands do either and you get a really good, not over the top drum solo that shows how talented a drummer Flo Mounier is.

If you are a death metal fan, grab this album, crank it up and get set for the heaviness, because these guys sure do bring it.

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