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Junkyard Lipstick is an all-female band from Cape Town, South Africa that play hard rock with a thrash / power metal edge. started out in early 2011. JUNKYARD LIPSTICK released two demo tracks “Hollywood Hustler” and “Manic Moronic” in July 2011 on Facebook, a line-up change in 2012 had them release a demo track called “Autopsy Time” in July 2012 and now they have put out their debut album.

These four ladies have done a great job on their debut, it has traces of GIRLSCHOOL mixed in, but JUNKYARD LIPSTICK just have a hint of it on the vocals when both Tazz-O on guitars and vocals and Lucinda Villain on drums and back up vocals get together. The first song “Hellbent” is a powerful start to the album with pummeling drums, banging bass guitar, driving drums and the hard vocals set the scene for the rest of the album. The songs just get better and more hard-hitting from there and the first song was nothing to sneeze at either. “Autopsy Time” is another great song, soaring vocals with growls thrown in, a catchy chorus, double bass drum pounding, guitar licks whizzing past and that killer bass guitar make it a stand out. The production is thick and full giving JUNKYARD LIPSTICK a fat and heavy sound that suits them well. Drummer Villain does an exceptional job on the album, her drumming being a powerful standout as well as guitarists Tazz-O and Louise “Gore” Gorman who put a lot of skill into their tight blazing licks. Bassist Jacky Roodt really makes her presence felt with the rumbling and fluid playing throughout the album. Tazz-O has an outstanding voice with her vocals going from a growl to a blues howl on “Reality TV”. Some other notable songs are “Rosie”, “Dear Mr P”, “Flush” with the awesome drumming, and singles “Barbie” and “War”.

JUNKYARD LIPSTICK have made an intense and well-played debut album that should get people thinking about metal bands from South Africa as more than a novelty, but as real contenders to be reckoned with.

https://www.facebook.com/junkyard.lipstick  http://www.junkyardlipstick.com/

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