IMPIOUS BAPTISM: Wrath Of The Apex Predator: CD

Impious Baptism - Wrath of the Apex Predator

This is a one man band playing some hard and heavy black and death metal all mixed together in a thrash speed blender to produce an album that surprised me with how well done it is.

You have some growling, throat shredding vocals by J, furious drumming that is unrelenting in its power, guitar work that has quiet, gentle parts, and then goes all heavy with a buzz saw attack, and bass that roars across the album. This is the debut album and what a great first album it is with the quality of the playing, the nonstop songs that blaze past you at outrageous speed and intensity, and the good job on the production, which kept a lot of the power intact and has some nice space for everything to be heard.

I never would have thought that this was a one man band, the quality is a lot better than most of the solo recordings that I’ve heard before and J really handles all of the playing better than some full bands that I’ve heard. A definitely tasty platter for your consumption.

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