DOMINO: Where The Desert Meets The Sea: CD

This is very a strong debut album from Sydney arabesque metal band DOMINO with eleven songs, and around forty-five minutes long, you get the feeling of being on the cover’s ship with the sound of the band swirling around you.

The layered textures and tones on the album created by the mixture of Arabic and hard rock take you out of your comfort zone and place you in a special dimension where the fusion makes perfect sense and the subtleties of the band come forward and wash over you, then the heaviness hits you and your body starts to move and you don’t want it to stop. Opener “My Opiate” lets you know what kind of journey that you’re in for by grabbing your attention from the moment you hit play. “Caravan”, “Broken”, “Pirate Man” and “Karsilama” are just a few of the songs that made me hit repeat to listen to them again with the power and emotion that they have. Erica Bowron’s vocals are powerful and full sounding, but can turn in a second to a whisper and hit you with the emotion that she can put forth in a heartbeat, Simon Owen’s guitar playing grabs you with the skill that he has as well as the gripping bass lines by Denis Custovic and the massive drum grooves that Pete Kelly brings to the songs.

This is an album to be enjoyed at one sitting, put on your headphones, turn the lights down, and enjoy the trip that DOMINO is going to take you on. The ZEPPELIN feel is there in the power and the soundscapes, but DOMINO goes beyond that reference and you find yourself melting away while listening.

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