This is the sophomore album from this black metal band that just destroys the landscape with this blisteringly wicked release. This is definitely not a release for the faint hearted, not with five songs and a playing time of just over an hour.

This album has a lot of things going on, samples, low, growling vocals, cleaner vocals, primal screaming, wild playing, it has it all. The song “The Passion Of A Sorceress” has that going on all by itself, as well as some great guitar work and dissonance, feedback and the sound of a band about to self destruct at any moment. This is basically one of the most wild and intense albums that I’ve heard in a long time, it’s like they’re trying to go heavier and more crazed than anyone before them, and it looks like they are succeeding with this album.

Grab this album, put on some good headphones or open the windows and crank it up, watch your neighbors go crazy or if you have the headphones on, watch your head melt from this one.

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