BEAST: Devil’s Throat: 7″

Talk about bringing the rock, this band really knows how to bring it, and bring it damn good.

These two songs blow away a ton of other bands that try to play rock, some crunchy guitar work, great drumming and bass and the vocals are a combination of Darby Mills from the HEADPINS and GIRLSCHOOL. I was floored when I started to listen to this; this was so above what I thought it was going to be like, especially because the cover was not letting me know how good the inside was going to be. This band really has that old school hard rock sound from the 1980s and they just rock the hell out of it.

This is possibly one of the best hard rock bands playing that no one knows about, that has to change, go grab this and any other releases of theirs that you can find, I know that I’m going to be looking for more by them.

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