THE EYE: Supremacy: CD

A rerelease of the one and only album from THE EYE originally released in 1997 with these eight songs of atmospheric black metal all performed by one man, Vindsval, the front man of BLUT AS NORD.

This album is rich with some nice keyboard work and some really clear and well-played guitar work, not to say that the rest of the instruments he’s playing aren’t done well, but those really stand out on this album. The lyrics deal with Odinism and the worship of nature which are executed well. Three of the eight songs are instrumental keyboard songs, very ambient and soothing compared to the metal songs on here. The metal songs are slow-paced, but very heavy with decent production, nothing gets buried and everything has an ethereal sheen to it.

Some very cool ambient black metal on here, a very different kind of album and it’s a shame that he only did one full length; it would have been interesting to see where he would go from here.

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