NO QUALMS: Hyenas: 7″

No Qualms - Hyenas EP cover art

This is some really crazed hardcore / fast core blended with power violence that will slam you against the wall and keep you there until the single is over, luckily at around twelve minutes, you aren’t stuck there all day, unless you have this on repeat that is.

Hyenas is one wild ride and I didn’t want it to stop, I mean, you get super rough vocals, crazed drumming, guitar wailing like crazy and the bass just pounding away to create a cacophony of glorious noise that I had to play it again. Such a powerful and intense single with an amazing amount of energy running throughout the eight songs in around six minutes and some change, that this is one that you will put on repeat and start a pit up in your house.

This Florida band really shines on this single, now I have to go and find more music by them so I can get my fix until they put out some more tunes.

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