MUSTASCH: Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven: CD

This Swedish hard rock band has been around since 1998 and this album is a winner from start to finish with all of the excellent songs on it, the only one that didn’t do it for me was “Northern Link”, that’s because it was a keyboard only song with Swedish traffic reports, and the rest of the album is pure gold.

It kicks off with “Speed Metal”, but it isn’t a speed metal song, speedy and metal though and a damn fine way to get you into the groove of the album. The song has some excellent guitar work, the drumming is kick ass, the bass just charges across the song, the vocals go from being gruff to some smoother singing with great background vocals, and add in the cowbell, awesome. The rest of the album is just as good, great pummeling production to give this a punch you in the mouth feel, great guitar leads, great heavy bass, awesome drums and the vocals by Ralf Gyllenhammer go from gruff, like the scum rock bands, to more subdued and it all added up to an album that just rocks.

There are aspects of 1980s hard rock on here as well as more modern techniques, like the song “Morning Star” could have come out in 1983 and would have been huge, as it is, I loved it! This is a great album other than the last track; you can’t get better than this one.

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