HEAVATAR: Opus I – All My Kingdoms: CD

Stefan Schmidt from VAN CANTO has a new band that incorporates classical music into his original songs and actually succeeds a lot better than I thought that it would have.

You can actually hear parts of Beethoven, Bach, Paganini, and Bizet in the songs on this power metal band’s album and it gives the songs even more melody and catchiness than normal, no, not poppy, just the kind of songs that stick in your head as soon as you hear them. The songs have fantastic guitar work, great soaring leads, bass that fills the songs in, drumming that propels the songs forward with power, great background vocals that are operatic, but not cheesy, and Schmidt just sings his heart out, melodic, and full of power and passion that can sometimes cross into James Hetfield territory, but still retains its own identity. The last song, “To The Metal” has the sound and feel of TENACIOUS D doing a more serious ode to heavy metal, and it is just guitar and vocals for about half of the song, then the rest of the band joins in to make it a mid-paced rocker that was cool.

I really loved this album and look forward to blasting out the songs repeatedly.

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